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Attention Families!

There is a bulk discount! Order all your children's items at the same time. A discount is automatically applied when you order multiple boxes of cards, lined notebooks, sketchbooks and year planners.


The Cards

12 copies of the same card (with envelopes) are packaged in a crystal clear box.

1 box$20
2 boxes$18 per box
3 or more boxes$16 per box


You can also order 4 copies of the same card (with envelopes) packed in a clear plastic sleeve. This option is ideal for families who want to order a selection of their children's cards.

1 sleeve$12
2 sleeves$10 per sleeve
3 or more sleeves$8 per sleeve


Free Customization: Personalize your cards with the artist's name, age, grade or year. You can also add a title for the art.

Add a Greeting to the front of the cards

You can add a greeting to the front of the card. We will choose the best position for the greeting in relation to the art.

A one-time design charge of $4 applies when you add a greeting, regardless of the number of boxes ordered.

Please note: The inside of the card is blank.


Year Planner: July 2021 - June 2022


The year planner features your art on the cover and has 162 thoughtfully designed pages. 6.125" x 8.25"

1 or more year planners$20 each


The Gift Sets

The cards and notebooks make fantastic gifts! A Gift Set consists of 4 cards with your choice of a matching sketchbook or lined notebook.

Price per Gift Set: $25


The Notebooks

Three styles of notebooks are available: