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custom greeting cardcustom greeting cardcustom greeting card

Tips for Art that Makes Great Cards

These tips will ensure that your art project turns into beautiful greeting cards!

Paper and Proportions

You can use any size paper. However, the shape of the paper is important!

      Rectangular paper is best.

The cards are rectangular. So square or tall, thin art does not fit well on the cards.

Choosing a Theme

Parents are proud to share the cards with family and friends.

When deciding on a theme, think: "Would I use cards with this art?"

Most themes are very successful, but NOT self-portraits.

Vertical or Horizontal?

Both vertical and horizontal art work well on the cards.

Keep in mind that vertical art fits best on the covers of the notebooks and sketchbooks.

Colour and Media

Simple, bold and colourful art makes the best greeting cards. Contrast is good!

Media that work well:


custom greeting card

It's not necessary to mount or frame the art. If you'd like a border on your cards, simply attach a note to the art for your class or email me at


Collage projects make stunning cards!

Objects should be firmly pasted onto the paper.

Things to Avoid